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Internship Program

We welcome interns to be part of our team of talented architects and interior designers, as we create spaces that are sensitive to diverse clients and environments. Our College Internships and Intern Programs are stepping stones to lasting relationships and opportunities for many HuntonBrady team members.

We pride ourselves in providing a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, which focuses on understanding our clients’ needs, research, exploration of ideas, and clear communication leading to the discovery of the best design solutions.

The HuntonBrady team is passionate about community issues and their impact on the built environment. It is our intent to mentor and provide future architects and interior designers with the tools for their success. Our interns’ professional growth matters to us. As such, our team takes a personal interest in the development of our interns, keeping an open-door policy for conversations about future goals and mentoring young talent to be future leaders.

During internships, we provide a full spectrum of experiences in the architectural and interior design professions, exposing all future architects and designers to different project phases including design, client contact, technical skills, business development, and construction administration. We believe internships not only allow new team members to understand our culture, but also to recognize their own interests within the field of architecture and professional growth.

At HuntonBrady, we believe the only way we will continue to improve is if our employees continue to learn and grow. We support and encourage career development and continuing education through: 

  • Active Intern Development Program 

  • Mentorship of Intern Architect/Designers

  • In-House Seminars 

  • Licensed Professional Continuing Education Programs 

  • Promoting Community, Civic or Professional Activities

  • Reimbursement for Professional License Registrations Exams 

  • Paid Annual Dues for Approved Professional Associations

  • Paid Florida Registered Staff Registration Annual Fees

  • Associate Program 

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