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Construction Administrator

The Construction Administrator (CA) is the primary contact during construction between the contractor, the architect and the owner. The CA is responsible for interpretation of the construction documents as well as timely processing of all documentation and communication between the parties. The CA is responsible for resolution of all design and construction issues brought to the attention of the project team or identified in the field, by coordinating the efforts of the design team, including necessary consultants, project manager and others.



General Duties:

  • Remains flexible and able to perform varied functions during preconstruction and construction activities.

  • Obtains in depth understanding of construction documents sufficient to interpret the   project requirements to contractor.

  • Completes a quality control/ constructability review of the construction documents of the project prior to completion of the documents, allowing sufficient time for comments to be incorporated.

  • Understands design parameters and is sensitive to critical design issues in order bring resolution to issues in support of design intent.

  • Responsible for utilizing the full resources of the project team in order to identify and resolve all issues related to the contract requirements.

  • Knowledgeable of the firm’s obligations under the Owner/ Architect’s agreement including the scope of services to be provided as well as each party responsibility (owner, architect, and contractor) under the owner/ contractor agreement and contract documents.

Specific Duties:

  • Coordinates the activities of the engineering consultants and their obligations under the architect/consultant agreement.

  • On daily basis, reviews all consultants’ responses to RFI’s and submittals for accuracy, coordination and completeness. Adds information and comments as necessary to assure complete and accurate response.

  • Performs additional responsibilities as requested by project manager including filling project management role to facilitate the work of the project team.

  • Participates in ongoing feedback loop to design staff on constructability issues and lessons learned. Contribute to “Lessons learned” log.

  • Monitors accuracy of Construction Administration logs and follows-up on closure of all outstanding entries within time frames agreed to under the contract or as otherwise agreed to.

  • Prepares complete field reports within 24 hours of each visit to project site.

  • Conducts preconstruction meetings and owner/architect/contractor job site meetings as required by project.

  • Ensures that firm signs and banners are located at job sites.  This is done with Owner and contractor coordination and approval.

Reporting Role:

  • Communicates with and reports directly to the Director of Construction Administration, Project Manager and Principals of the firm. 

  • Mentoring Role:

  • Delegates work to staff when assigned to support CA on specific projects.

  • Clearly communicates to all in-house and consultant project team members to maximize each team member’s responsiveness to project needs during construction.

  • Communicates and coordinates effectively with Construction Administration Assistant to maximize his or her effectiveness in support of project.



Educational Requirements:

  • Architectural degree preferred. Bachelor’s degree at accredited college or university required.

  • A degree in Building Construction or equivalent educational background is a plus.

Years of Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in Construction Administration role and 5 years in the A/E/C industry and other technical capacities is required.

Licensure Requirements:

  • Professional registration is preferred.

Technical Knowledge Requirements:

  • Thorough understanding and knowledge of construction contract requirements, specifications, construction documents, building codes, building materials, building costs and construction techniques.

  • Proficient in computer skills such as Word and Excel.  Effective use of Microsoft Outlook as a communication tool.

  • Familiarity with web based construction management software (Newforma) is required.

Specific Skill Requirements:

  • Ability to direct and facilitate the administration of the construction contract for the firm under the direction of the project manager.

  • Able to aggressively pursue and resolve important issues during construction to assure a successful construction process and to manage potential liability of the firm.

  • Able to interact effectively and diplomatically with a wide range of people on a variety of issues during construction.

  • Possess strong communication (especially listening), leadership and management abilities.

  • Must be willing and able to travel out of town.

  • Must be willing to meet job obligations and firm’s commitments, as well as any other activity or task deemed necessary by immediate supervisor or principals.


Please e-mail your cover letter and resume in PDF format to our Human Resources Department at:

HuntonBrady Architects is a well-established award winning architectural design firm that offers competitive compensation, health, vision and dental insurance, 401K, and flexible work hours.


HuntonBrady Architects is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regards to race, color, national origin, religion, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and age, physical or mental disability or covered veteran status.

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