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Lakeland Regional Health
Behavioral Health Hospital

To address the growing need for mental health services in our communities, our project team embarked on a journey to develop a world-class facility through design. The building becomes a tool to support innovative care models that involve preventative treatments and minimize crisis scenarios. The new 96-bed behavioral health hospital and outpatient center provides multiple ways for patients to arrive and present themselves for care, which is key to addressing safety and flow throughout the facility. The building also engages the community and families in a way that emphasizes their importance to the overall outcome.


The Behavioral Health Hospital is expressed as a one-story building with three distinct masses organized by programmatic function and patient acuity level. This allows staff to seamlessly care for inpatient and outpatient populations while providing the necessary separation and privacy for both. The building pulls inspiration from the existing campus architecture to create a cohesive and complimentary architectural language while maintaining the unique character and branding for the Behavioral Health Hospital.

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Lakeland, Florida

79,900 SF


Architectural Services
Interior Design


Project Highlights
Behavioral Health Services

Patient & Staff Safety


2023 IIDA Award - Design Excellence

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