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Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

Most Precious Blood Catholic Church resides on a 30-acre, heavily wooded conservation site that was master-planned by HuntonBrady for future growth. The architecture of the building emphasizes warmth, reverence, and harmony. Dramatic 44-foot vaulted ceilings feature hand-stained wooden trusses and a ceiling of ponderosa pine. The church was mindful of sustainability, and a number of energy-efficient materials and techniques were employed, including:

  • Storm-water design: erosion prevention and treatment of 90% runoff

  • Heat island effect: metal roofing panels are light colored to improve solar efficiency

  • Use of recycled materials and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints and finishes 

  • Natural light: large windows bathe the Center in natural light.

Phase II construction will eventually include areas for a Bethlehem courtyard at the campus center, a school and playing field for athletic activities, and a Galilee meadow set aside for devotional areas near a pond with walking trails that follow the stations of the cross.

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Orlando, Florida

26,000 SF


Architectural Services
Interior Design


Project Highlights


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