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Orlando Health Osceola Freestanding Emergency Department & Medical Pavilion

The intent for the Orlando Health Freestanding Emergency Department Medical Pavilion project was to create a calming campus environment that provides state-of-the-art patient care and evokes a sense of place and connection to nature. The 67,250 SF program includes an emergency department with 24 treatment rooms and two resuscitation rooms on the first floor, and medical offices on the two floors above. The architecture intends to portray a new, modern brand while the design approach addresses the local contextual scale and the ability to expand in the future.

Our designers had the opportunity to create a floor plate and structural layout that would allow all programs to stack harmoniously, while providing flexibility to convert the upper floors into inpatient bed units as the future needs of the community and the health campus grow. The solution includes designing the building with a structural grid that would allow the Emergency Department layout to work, as well as the clinical modules in the upper floors to work in flexible pods. The project provides distinct entrances for both program components while creating a vehicular separation for ambulances. Adapting this to a small footprint and limited site was a substantial accomplishment for the project.

01 Osceola ED - HuntonBrady Architects.j

This freestanding emergency room/medical office building serves as the anchor for the health campus.


Kissimmee, Florida

67,250 SF


Architectural Services
Interior Design


Project Highlights

Emergency Department

Medical Office Building


2019 - AIA Orlando Chapter Built Award of Excellence

02 Osceola ED - HuntonBrady Architects.j

HuntonBrady Architects was asked by Orlando Health to design an offsite emergency department/medical office facility planned from the outset with the flexibility to evolve into a community hospital.


The architecture intends to portray a new brand and embrace key items that are currently happening within their main campus.  While modern in its approach, the design addresses the local contextual scale and its ability to expand in the future.

04 Osceola ED - HuntonBrady Architects.j

Treatment rooms facilitate natural light into each room for patients and staff.

The interior architecture was inspired by composing nature-filled spaces that embrace natural light, scenes from nature, and exterior views for patients and staff.

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05 Osceola ED - HuntonBrady Architects.j
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