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“The workplace must be uplifting.”



Commercial and corporate office design requires highly efficient, functional, and elegant solutions. HuntonBrady’s experience in shell and core design includes both large office buildings for multiple tenants as well as headquarters and build-to-suit buildings to accommodate the more complex needs of a single corporation. In every case, we implement a well-coordinated and holistic approach to each project, which leads to a seamless juxtaposition of the exterior envelope, common areas, and interior useable spaces.


Our design team strives to optimize the employee experience and well-being through a meticulously creative interior design process. Our partnerships with corporate clients include improvements and renovations of their workplaces involving innovative planning and strategies. Our rigorous research into each company’s brand, culture, relevant trends for their industry, as well as their preferences and requirements, results in a design outcome that is uniquely tailored to their identity and conducive to employee engagement and productivity.


Whether the project is a multi-story shell and core commercial office building or an interior renovation, our focus is always to provide the best creative design solutions within efficient spatial, time and cost parameters.

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