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We never cease to learn.

Education projects play a vital role in our community. We are passionate about school design and get excited about all the creative opportunities that they present.


HuntonBrady Architects has a long and rich history of education architecture design.  We have worked on kindergarten through twelfth grade schools, as well as state colleges and universities throughout Florida. We draw from our extensive experience and lessons learned in education.


Through rigorous research, visioning, programming, master planning, architecture and interior design, our educational facilities projects create engaging, safe and smart environments for students, faculty, and staff alike.


Our design charrettes and workshops engage all stakeholders. Everyone is involved in the design process. Our team generates design options through a creative exchange of ideas, and our designers serve as facilitators in this dialogue. We create sketches, drawings, and models to help everyone visualize design thoughts in real time. Every participant gets a voice, and we reach consensus with authorship by all.


For each project that we undertake, we make sure to keep the communication between our team and the client clear and consistent. A designated point of contact manages the often complex teams involved in our educational projects.

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