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Special Projects &
Civic Architecture

Serve our community well.

Since HuntonBrady Architects started, we have become rooted in the civic landscape. Not only have we cultivated a vast collection of work in the healthcare, interiors, commercial, and education markets, but we have also left a mark in our community with significant civic and public institutions. Whether it is a city hall, a convention center, a park, a museum, a church, or a public library, we feel an obligation to enhance the quality of our cities and communities with all of our resources.


It is in our special projects where we research, experiment, and stretch our creative skills. Many special projects are commissioned, while others are design competitions. These special projects are often large, as in the case of the Orange County Convention Center and the Winter Park Library. However, some of these projects are small, as in the case of residences or even a neighborhood guardhouse, and these small projects are what keep us grounded.

Featured Projects

HMHH - Exterior Rendering - View 01 - Option H.png

Winter Park Library & Events Center

Holocaust Museum for Hope
and Humanity

18157 - Exterior View 01 - Front - 03-01-19.jpg
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